Is Ionized Water Good for You?

"The ability of water to ionize, while slight, is of central importance for life.”

Water & pH, Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry, Chapter 2, Peter J. Kennelly, PhD., Victor W. Rodwell, PhD.

This scholarly quote comes from a primary text used pre-med biochemistry classes. In its academic way, it makes a sweeping and powerful statement about drinking ionized water. The pop-culture phenom Sting speaks it more lightly (in an unintended way as the song is about a possessive lover) by singing the iconic line “every move we make… every breath we take.”

Life is movement. Movement requires energy. Energy is created by cellular metabolism of oxygen from the air we breathe and the caloric fuel from what we eat and drink. Water is the medium through which all metabolism occurs, and life cannot exist without metabolism...or water.

The release of energy requires two molecules that each have something to "trade." The swap comes in the form of compatible opposite charges. The resulting by-product of this bio-electrical reaction is energy.

Ions are King

An ion is any atom that has a positive or a negative charge. Everything in nature seeks to balance. Positive ions naturally seek a negative charge. When this union or balancing occurs, something happens–a reaction takes place–and energy is released.

You may have heard about negative ions. Why? When there is a net spend of energy, molecules are left holding a positive charge. Consistent or massive activity equates to an imbalance of positive polarity. The frenetic pace of modern life implies “imbalance.” Unless there is an abundant source of negative ions available, balancing–and metabolism-cannot occur. The result is lower metabolic efficiency, energy loss, lethargy, and weakened vitality. This is why when you become unbalanced, standing at the beach near crashing waves, or by a waterfall can “re-balance” or energize you by taking in an abundance of easily absorbed negative ions.

Positive ions are also oxidizing. Oxidation is what turns an apple brown or causes iron to rust. It is attendant in and exacerbates the symptoms of inflammation and/or any degenerative health condition. In that way, some say oxidation is the root cause of aging.

The modern world we live in is full of pollution. We breathe polluted air and drink contaminated water. We're surrounded by “factory” and fast-food options that are full of things we weren’t designed to eat. Most forms of pollution are positively charged. All these positive charges are useless for energy production. Our bodies struggle to get the negative ionic basis from our environment. Then the body tries to negatively ionize the air, water and food we take in, to try to meet its need for ionization.

The Rub

Pure, demineralized water is acidic (from absorbing CO2) and has no (or very low) mineral content and conductivity. Tap water—even filtered—is often laden with unknown and harmful contaminants and is positively oxidizing. And unless you live in a very remote area, you aren’t breathing clean air. Our supermarkets offer us foods that are over-processed, high in acidifying sugar, full of chemicals and are maybe also genetically modified. Eating purely organic is expensive and unattainable for many. Yikes! We are constantly struggling with a severe deficit of the negative ions that are required for optimal energy, health, and vitality and to slow the aging process.

How Can I Ionize?

We’ve all heard of the natural springs and sources of “healing water” around the world. The water from prominent “healing” springs or sources has been documented to be slightly alkaline, demonstrate a negative “ionization” or electrical charge, and have some level of dissolved molecular hydrogen. These waters are quite literally the opposite of bottled water or the water that comes from your kitchen tap. At a fundamental level, they are sources of water that are virtually free of contaminants.

Imagine being able to get that type of water in your kitchen from your tap - on—demand—with water alkalizers and ionizers. Ultra Water Solution’s UltraWater has been independently tested against 172 contaminants and shown to reduce virtually all of them by 99.9%. Then our advanced technology gives you alkaline water with a negative charge, offering you the powerful benefits of ionization. It also contains elevated levels of dissolved molecular hydrogen.

Ultra Water Solutions water alkalizers and ionizers can literally transform your ordinary oxidized, contaminated tap water into the cleanest and healthiest water—just like nature intended. Ultra Water Solutions water ionizers deliver optimum levels of ionization, alkalinity, filtration, and molecular hydrogen. We invite you to discover all you can about our technology and to contact us with any questions.

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