On behalf of the Ultrawater Solutions family I'd like to welcome you.

It is Ultrawater Solutions's firm view that hydration must take its place alongside nutrition as a foundation stone of holistic health, wellness creation and anti-aging medicine. To that end, we are committed and passionate about water, health, our products and how we deliver them to you. Our 15-year track record leading the industry in innovation since 2003, our Water Quality Association designation as “Business Excellence”, and our Better Business Bureau Accredited A+ rating all back that up. We are here to serve you.

Water is life. Yet inside of this fundamental fact, we believe water is so much more than just good ‘ol H2O. Consider these unique properties of water the next time you look out on your favorite river, lake or ocean or when you take your next drink. We think you’ll agree when we say we are awed by the miraculous powers of water!

Water is mysterious.

Science does not fully understand certain properties of water. Physical laws would say water should become more dense just before it freezes. Its density decreases. Water has a dipole nature, making it similar to computer memory. Science is now considering the possibility that water stores an energetic imprint or "memory" of everything it comes in contact with.

Water is patient and

Scientists say that the vast majority of water that exists on Earth today has been here since our planet was formed

Water goes
with the flow.

The covalent bonds that form, break, and reform many times in the space of a nano-second, give water its fluid nature. Working in concert with gravity, it develops the continuous movement that forms rivers.

Water facilitates release.

Water dissolves everything into itself. As the "universal solvent" it will, over time, chemically break down anything.

Water is soft at rest,
yet hard at work.

Put your hand in it, and water yields as softly as silk. Yet it can also exert force so great, it can carve out the Grand Canyon in a dance between its fluidity, gravity and its dissolving nature.

Water is art.

Water changes color, and its appearance by reflecting and bending the light of the sky and its surroundings. It can change texture appearing smooth as glass or as extreme turbulence. It is in the paint, the brush, the canvas, and forms 70% of the hand that works them.

Water is transformation.

Water is the only substance that can transform itself into three physical states – as a solid, liquid and vapor, and back again.

All things live by the grace of water.
Water is essential.

Without clean, healthy water, optimal health is not possible. We are about the transformative and healing power of water. Awakening the world to the magic of water is our mission.

Water accepts.

Water is essential to life. May we all do our part to help keep water clean and safe for all generations to come.