What is UltraWater Bar?

It’s a small space in your business with an UltraWater System. You sell (or give) your customers or patients UltraWater -the cleanest, healthiest, best-tasting, alkaline water.

Add revenue without changing a thing!

Why UltraWater Bar?

Simple. Give your customers what they want.

Based on Google search data, alkaline water is top trending water search term. And it’s not abating; according to Google data it has been a sustained rising trend since 2012.

Turn your tap water into cash!

Benefits of UltraWater Bar

  • More profit. No extra work. We’ll take care of everything!
  • Monetize your customer / patient base.
  • Increase your foot traffic.
  • Drink and offer the cleanest, healthiest water.

Seamless. Easy. Profitable. Smart.

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