Our Story

20 Years Young and
Counting ...

Since 2002, we've come to work every day with one goal in mind: offering you the best products and providing the best service in an honest and ethical manner. 15 years, combined with our Better Business Bureau A+ rating prove it.

Our state of the art ISO manufacturing and full-time R&D offer you the best of the best, ensuring you get the latest, top performing, cutting edge ionization and filtration technology available anywhere...period!

Our commitment to you is to continue to lead by offering the best performing, most durable ionizers and filtration products at the best value. At the heart of our commitment is our unmatched passion for the cleanest, healthiest water available.

We invite you to join us. We think you’ll like what you find. We know you’ll love our products and most importantly, our water. We always especially welcome those customers who research. We know that after all the research is done that smart shoppers end up buying from Ultrawater Solutions.

  • 2002
    Ultrawater Solutions launched

    under the name AllOrganic/IonLife, selling low-speed juicers. Our first office was in a solar powered garage in a tropical jungle off the grid on the north shore of Maui using a satellite internet connection.

  • 2004
    Water ionizers are added to
    the product lineup.

    In a short time, we became one of the earliest Jupiter Science dealers in the USA. Volume increased rapidly. Jupiter Science offers us the opportunity to become the exclusive importer for the USA.

  • 2005
    The company becomes IonLife.

    The office was upgraded to a house, complete with electricity and high-speed internet, overlooking an organic Maui Gold Pineapple field and the Pacific Ocean.

  • 2006
    IonLife relocates to the Reno/Tahoe area

    to better accommodate our rapid growth. We become the exclusive agent for the Jupiter product line outside of Asia. IonLife launches a new, groundbreaking technology that includes mesh plates and DARC cleaning.

  • 2007
    Direct Sales Division is launched

    The highly successful IonWays Direct Sales Division is launched and sales soared.

  • 2008
    USA-made filter – BioStone Plus Launched

    Being well aware of the limitations of simple GAC, IonWays releases the first USA-made filter – our beloved BioStone Plus. This filters is designed to handle chloramine, heavy metals and other contaminants, that GAC filters could not. We are still the only ionizer company outside Asia that manufacturers its own filters.

  • 2010
    IonLife and IonWays businesses merge

    The IonLife and IonWays businesses merge, retaining the IonWays name and offering a hybrid wholesale/direct sales dealer program. Our passion for exceptional ionizer and water filtration continues to evolve. Over the next 3-years we developed a game-changing filter that became the most thoroughly tested filter – not just in the ionization industry - but the water filter industry as a whole.

  • 2013
    Our USA-made UltraWater is launched

    backed by our incredible independent EPA lab certified test results showing that we removed virtually all of the 172 contaminants tested to non-detectable levels. We expanded out of the electric ionizer niche by vertically integrating UltraWater into a range of products that made ultra-clean and healthy water available at price points anyone could afford. The move was so business-changing that we re-branded as Ultrawater Solutions.

  • 2014
    Ultrawater Solutions H2 Tablets Lauched

    We became the first company to offer tablets that make dissolved molecular hydrogen (H2) in a bottle of water. Today they are widely available from well over 20 sources, validating our vision and industry leadership once again.

  • 2015
    Our new H2 Series Ionizers launch

    acquired as an exclusive from a second manufacturer. Our Vesta H2 with its H2Infusion Technology breaks ground as the first ionizer capable of producing great levels of dissolved H2 at the lower drinkable and safe levels of pH. We evolved DARC II making it more durable. We become the first importer to offer technology and products from multiple manufacturers.