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Installation Support

1st Aug 2023

Congratulations on the purchase of your UltraHome Whole House Water Filtration System!  Download the installation instructions here.For technical support, please contact your De … read more
Peer Reviewed Articles on Alkaline Diet. Benefits from Increasing Alkalinity in the Body. “Alkaline water produced by a water ionizer has become the most important advancement in health … read more
Will Alkaline Water Help You Lose Weight? What if getting the best results from your weight loss program did not involve more exercise? Did not make you give up certain foods or have you eat … read more

Benefits of Ionization

5th Apr 2023

Is Ionized Water Good for You? "The ability of water to ionize, while slight, is of central importance for life.” Water & pH, Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry, Chapter 2, Peter J. K … read more

Peer Reviewed Research

5th Apr 2023

Hydrogen (H2) Water Peer Reviewed Research Over 1,000 peer-reviewed articles suggest that molecular hydrogen (H2) offers therapeutic potential or benefit in over 170 disease models and health … read more

Testing H2 in Water

5th Apr 2023

Testing for H2 or Hydrogen in Water We have had many questions about the H2 or hydrogen water performance using the Vesta H2. Before discussing the Vesta H2 performance testing … read more
What is Molecular Hydrogen or H2? Hydrogen occupies the first position on the periodic table of elements and so is the lightest, smallest, and simplest element consisting of one electron and … read more
When it comes to exercise and fitness, we’re all different, yet ironically, we all want the same thing. Regardless if you are 20 or 80 years old, a walker, a jogger, a recreational athlete or a … read more

Are You Protected?

5th Apr 2023

The EPA Isn’t Protecting You. More than 60,000 chemicals are used in the United States. Over 2,100 documented chemicals have been found in tap water. And many of these cause serious health is … read more
Think You're Filter is Protecting You? Think Again. Leading brand Brita-style pitchers, refrigerator filters, and other carbon filters simply cannot reduce well-known conta … read more
Does Alkaline Water Help? America is on Acid Did you know? The most common causes of over-acidity are what we eat and drink. Science agrees tha … read more

BBB A+ Rating

5th Apr 2023

Accredited and A+ Rated since 2007 We have been a BBB accredited business since 2007 and have imported from water ionizer manufacturers for longer – since 2003. As the oldest USA ionizer imp … read more
Reasons to Never Drink Bottled Water Again With the bad PR bottled water gets in the press, outreach from environmental groups and peer pressure from green-loving friends, you’d think people … read more
Safer Water. Better Health.Better Performance. Healthy water must to be clean water. Other ionizer filters simply cannot handle well known water contaminants such as lead, arsenic, chromium V … read more

Hard Water Test Kit

5th Apr 2023

Hard Water Treatment Options How Water Quality Impacts Ionizer Performance Water quality will play a significant role in how your water ionizer – in fact a … read more
Water Ionizer Technical Support Form Do you need technical assistance with your ionizer or have filtration questions? Please fill out the form below completely and click … read more


5th Apr 2023

Our manufacturer has implemented a large number of technical innovations not only in the next generation, H2 Series water ionizers, but also in other health products. Our manufacturer has the mos … read more
Support / Resources How to Videos Short, helpful videos that will get your basic questions answered. Product Manuals Manuals for our main products. Warranty / Returns See our warr … read more
Hydrogen Water Benefits Why Drink Hydrogen Water Why 1,000+ peer reviewed papers suggest you should be drinking hydrogen water. Hydrogen Water & Exercise Casual exerciser to athlete: … read more
How was your experience? Our commitment is that each of our customers have a "wow" experience in every interaction. From the time you placed your orde … read more
Professional Water Testing Water quality is not only one of the biggest health concerns we face today, it can also adversely affect the performance of an ionizer … read more
Blog UltraWater Water Ionizer Videos UltraWater Filtration: Clean, Delicious and Safe water. UltraWater is the ONLY filter that can reduce virtually a … read more
Blog Is Alkaline Water a Scam? Alkaline water has become the most popular water beverage search term in the past year or so, according to a report … read more