Why Join the Ultra Water Solutions Water Ionizer Dealer Program?

With a Dealer Network in over 30 countries (and growing), we know that Ultra Water Solutions Dealers are an essential and valued part of our business. We're committed to providing you with the support, training and tools needed for you to grow your business and to providing you with the highest-quality and most cutting-edge products .

For 15+ years the water professionals at Ultra Water Solutions have been pioneers in the world ionizer market.
  • Ultra Water Solutions is the longest-term importer in the USA with water ionizer dealers in over 30 countries worldwide.
  • Virtually all our USA competitors started with us as dealers, including Life IonizersTM, Tyent, and Chanson.
  • We understand more about ionization and filtration technology in the USA market than anyone.
  • Ultra Water Solutions is the only ionizer company to offer industry-best filtration that is proudly USA-made in our Reno, NV headquarters.
  • We are also the only ionizer company with an in-house R&D staff.


The incredible UltraWater filtration advantage.

UltraWater is the only USA made ionizer filter tested for 172 contaminants, reducing virtually all of them by 99.9%.

Most lucrative profit.

Industry-best profit and Affiliate Overrides. The more you sell, the more you earn.

Close more deals with two great payments plans.

Financing that's pleasant, easy and anxiety-free. Two great payment plans, for any credit score. Ultra Water Solutions helps water ionizer dealers to close sales!

We don't compete against you.

Seasonal sale pricing is a discounting program to help close deals – at your discretion. We will never undercut you.

Technically evolved, web-based marketing platform.

A fully functional e-commerce website with no credit card processing or transaction fees ... period! News, support tools, training ... everything you need to succeed.

Process sales two ways – whichever you prefer.

Buy at wholesale, sell retail and earn profit or sell through your website and earn commission.

Easy payment system.

Buy at wholesale, keep the profit you earn. Sell through your site, get paid using our direct deposit system. Easy.

Training and customer support.

Learn the business with our comprehensive training video series and sales manual. Customer support is always just a phone call away.

Choose to have us ship direct to your customers.

Inventory or have us drop ship – your pricing doesn’t change. Retail ionizer orders include free shipping. We charge sales tax only on Nevada sales.

No ongoing sales qualification to earn.

The only requirement to earn is an active membership.